Mentorship Program Application

Thank you for your interest in the 2023-2024 Mentorship Program! 

Please complete the application below; the information provided will help us to mutually discern if this program is a good fit for you at this time. Please note that you are able to save your information and return later to complete the application, if necessary. 

Please contact Angie Simpson ( or 402-558-3100) if you have any questions about the application process or if you have technical difficulties while completing the application.  

Thank you again, and we look forward to receiving your application! 

General Information

Home Address*
Which cohort location are you interested in applying for? *
Current marital status:*
If married, is your spouse supportive of your participation in the Mentorship Program?

Sacramental and Parish Life

Spiritual and Relational Life

How often do you attend confession?*
Have you ever been in a relationship based on mentorship? (can be faith-based or secular)*

Discernment to Participate in the Mentorship Program

In view of the Catholic character of the Mentorship Program, and because its purpose is to further the sharing of the truth of the Gospel more effectively, all participants are asked to take an Oath of Fidelity. I sincerely believe everything that the Catholic Church teaches to be true, whether revealed in Scripture or handed down through tradition. I also freely submit to the authority of the Church regarding all matters of faith and morals. I promise to teach and witness to the fullness of the Catholic faith to the best of my ability. If, by my words or actions, I should accidentally misrepresent the teaching of the Church in any way, I will defer in obedience to the bishop of my diocese.*
If accepted into the program, do you have any reservations with this information being shared with the mentor assigned to you?*
If accepted into the program, are you in need of a scholarship or payment plan? (The individual cost for Year 1 is $450.)*
Save and Resume Later
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